Osh State Medical University, Kyrgystan

Osh State Medical University is one of the most renowned public medical universities in Osh Kyrgyzstan. This University was founded in 1951. Osh State Medical University in Kyrgyzstan has a high-end advanced teaching curriculum, methods, and an incredible infrastructure which makes Osh State Medical University a popular choice among Indian students when it comes to pursuing medical degrees. We at Dalmia will help you with all your university-related queries.

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Osh State Medical University Facts

Year of Establishment1951
Recognition WHO, NMC
Course Duration 6 Years
Medium of TeachingEnglish
Nearest Airport to Eurasian International Medical University Osh Airport
Cost of living (Without Rent)$554

About MBBS in Osh State Medical University

The Osh State Medical University is a prestigious university for pursuing MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. This university offers education in the medium of the English language which means there’s no hassle for international students in terms of language. One good point about Osh State Medical University is that there is no additional charge or donation fee. The faculty and staff members are highly skilled and experienced in their fields.

Plus, the Osh State Medical University immerses its students in a span of extracurricular and cultural activities.

The Osh State Medical University is recorded among the most respected medical universities all over the world.

University Ranking 2023

Country Rank 8
World Rank 8915

Why choose MBBS at Osh State Medical University MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

  • There is no capitation fee or donation required for admission to Osh State Medical University, Kyrgyzstan.
  • This university offers low and affordable tuition costs and living costs.
  • There is no university-specified entrance exam for admission into this University.
  • There is no need for students to learn the local language as the medium of teaching at the university is English language.
  • The Osh State Medical University has a top-notch infrastructure and a great build with modern equipment.
  • The MBBS degree obtained from the Osh State Medical University Kyrgyzstan is recognized by WHO, MCI, and UNESCO.
  • The city of Osh is one of the prominent cities in Kyrgyzstan for its educational, scientific, sports, and cultural centers in the country.
  • The country is surrounded by the mountains, the Ferghana valley is the most famous one among them, the climate of the city encourages more students to study at Osh State Medical University Kyrgyzstan.
  • The level of quality of life and urban environment and security is high which makes Osh a favorable studying location for the students. 

The Osh State Medical University fees structure 2023

Particular Year – 1 Year – 2 Year – 3 Year – 4 Year – 5
Tuition Fees (Approx.) $6500 $3200 $3200 $3200 $3200
Fees in Indian Rupees ₹4,80, 621 ₹2,36,613 ₹2,36,613 ₹2,36,613 ₹2,36,613
Hostel Fees Included $300 $300 $300 $300
Hostel Fees in Rupees Included ₹22,182 (Approx) ₹22,182 (Approx) ₹22,182 (Approx) ₹22,182 (Approx)
Total Fees in Indian Rupees ₹4,80,621 ₹2,58,792 ₹2,58,792 ₹2,58,792 ₹2,58,792

MBBS Admission process in The Osh State Medical University.

Step 1: For the very first step, students should fill out the online application form provided by the University by putting in all the information correctly.

Step 2: For the next step students must print out the application form and then send the signed form with all the needed documents to the university.

Step 3: All the scanned documents will be emailed to the admissions office with a subject title line of ‘Application for Admission’.

Step 4: All the scanned documents can be submitted only by the application form deadline. So, students please be sure to submit all the required documents well before the final date.

Step 5: After the verification of all the student’s documents is done by the University they will then send the student the admission offer or rejection letter accordingly.

Step 6: Once the candidate is accepted and has received the university offer letter they are then required to do payment of fees. 

Step 7: If the student is accepted into the university, they must instantly apply for a student visa for China. Once everything is confirmed Osh State Medical University will mail students their Invitation letters.

Other facilities provided by Osh State Medical University

Hostel: The hostel is bound by strict rules and protocols. The food quality at the Osh State Medical University is great as they also serve Indian food. All hostels are provided with beds, chairs, tables, and additional necessary commodities. Facilities within the campus incorporate a clinic, a supermarket, a pharmacy, etc.

Library: The medium of teaching at Osh State Medical University is English and there is a library for students who need to learn about their respective fields. There are no such language barrier issues at Osh State medical university and students can study from the books available at the university. 

Eligibility criteria for MBBS In Osh State Medical University

If the students can fulfill the conditions quoted below, they’ll be eligible for the MBBS course admission at the International University of Kyrgyzstan. The eligibility criteria are as follows: 

  • The student should be at least 17 years of age.
  • A qualified result in the NEET examination is mandatory.
  • The student is required to have 50% of marks combined in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology in their higher secondary.
  • The students are required to complete matriculation and higher secondary from a recognized board.
  • Students are required to have significant ID proof.

Document Required For Osh State Medical University Admission

Documents required to get enrolled in the International University of Kyrgyzstan are mentioned below:

    • A valid passport with less than two-years of validity and if by any chance, the passport is not available, Aadhar cards work too.
    • Certification confirming the student’s birth
    • A legal bank receipt of payment made against tuition fees for first-year.
    • 10th and 12th class mark sheets
    • Ten passport-sized photographs in total.
    • Authorization of all certificates given by the Ministry of External affairs located in New Delhi..
    • Test results for HIV.
    • Authentic documents from the embassy of Kyrgyzstan
    • Lastly, a student’s medical certificate is required.


If you are a student who is planning to pursue MBBS in China, Osh State Medical University is your destination. From infrastructure to the faculty and staff members everything at the Osh State Medical University is prime and top-notch. With this, the hostel facility of the university is also good. 

Similar University for MBBS in Kyrgystan

University NameYear of EstablishmentMBBS Fees
Kazakh National Medical University1930
North Kazakhstan State University1937
Kazakh Russian Medical College1992


More than 15,000 medical students are enrolled every year at the Osh State Medical University.

The minimum age limit should be of 17 years to take admission into Osh State Medical University.

 Yes, the degree of MBBS from Osh State Medical University is approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) council.

Yes, the food quality is good and appetizing. Indian food is also available which is cooked by chefs from India. So there’s no problem with food at the university.

 Indian students are required to qualify for the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET).

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