Iran University Of Medical Sciences & Health Service

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Iran University Of Medical Sciences & Health Service Facts

Year of Establishment1974
Recognition WHO, NMC
Course Duration 6 Years (including internship)
Medium of TeachingEnglish
Nearest Airport to Eurasian International Medical University Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport
CurrencyIranian rial
Cost of living (Without Rent)$500-900



Iran University of Medical Sciences (IUMS) is one of Iran’s major public medical universities, founded in 1974 in Tehran near the world’s sixth-tallest building, the Milad Tower. For all academic functions, the University has been under the administrative control of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education since 1986. It is one of the country’s and the region’s most well-known academic health centers. In Tehran, the Iran University of Medical Sciences maintains 11 schools, two centers, two institutes, twenty-nine research centers, seventeen teaching hospitals, and fifteen non-teaching hospitals. Iran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services is the nation’s activist and well-known medical college for its involvement in the development of cognitive sciences and associated technologies. The university’s main aim is to promote national and worldwide healthcare goals, including educational policies and programs, while also delivering exceptional service to its community and beyond. The institution offers medical education at a low and reasonable cost to students from all around the world. As a result, it is one of the greatest colleges to finish your medical education at.

University Ranking 2023

Country Rank 18
World Rank 1383

Why Choose Iran University of Medical Sciences & Health Service for your medical study?

  • International organizations recognize the MBBS degree earned in Iran University of Medical Sciences & Health Service.
  • MBBS students at Iran University of Medical Sciences & Health Service can do internships in a range of high-tech facilities.
  • In Iranian universities, MBBS provides an excellent learning environment as well as a multi-cultural milieu to learn new things.
  • The university features well-equipped labs and classrooms to help students learn.
  • The campus of IUMS is massive, including academic buildings and residential complexes.
  • MBBS students in Iran benefit from having all of their study resources in one place, which is the institution’s massive library.
  • When you study MBBS in Iran, you will have the opportunity to learn from highly trained and expert professors.
  • Iranian MBBS graduates acquire an internationally recognized medical degree.
  • Passing the MBBS exam in Iran qualifies you for tests like the MCI, PMDC, and PLAB, among others.
  • The application process for MBBS in IUMS is simple.
  • In the university, English is the medium of instruction for MBBS, and both international and native students understand it.
  • The cost of MBBS at Iran University of Medical Sciences & Health Service is extremely affordable. 

University MBBS Fees structure 2023

Undergraduate Programs Education Fee/Year (U.S. Dollars) Duration
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor     of Surgery 5000 6 years
Doctor of Dental Medicine 5000 6 years
Pharmacy 5000 5 years 

MBBS Admission Process in Iran University of Medical Sciences & Health Service

Step 1: Determine eligibility for an MBBS course at an Iranian university by providing relevant documentation from 10th and 12th grades, as well as NEET certifications.

Step 2: Once the student has received the eligibility letter, fill out the application form for the chosen university.

Step 3: Submit all relevant documentation.

Step 4: Transfer registration and visa costs to the university’s account.

Step 5: Students have to participate in an online interview with the Faculty of Medicine.

Step 6: The visa clearance procedure in Iran is extremely straightforward and will take 45 to 60 days. Students can track the status of their applications.

Step 7: Submit all necessary papers to the Iranian Consulate in India to receive a single-entry visa.

Step 8: Transfer the one-year tuition and housing fees to the university account.

Step 9: Inform the university of the student’s arrival status. 

Step 10: Book your ticket. University representatives will pass immigration at the airport and send the student down to the university accommodation.

Other Academic facilities provided by the Iran University of Medical Sciences for MBBS

  • The hostel cafeteria serves three meals every day.
  • All dorm rooms have air conditioning.
  • They have access to a high-speed internet connection at their leisure.
  • There is a source of both hot and cold water.
  • There is also a centralized heating system available.
  • Students have access to one kitchen where they may prepare their meals.
  • There are laundry facilities provided.
  • There is no tolerance for ragging on the hostel grounds.
  • Each dorm room houses two or three students.
  • The hostels for boys and girls are distinct.
  • In the hostels, Indian holidays are celebrated with great fervour and excitement. Indian food is also accessible in the dorms.

MBBS Eligibility criteria for Iran University Of Medical Sciences & Health Service

  • A qualifying NEET examination result is required.
  • The student must be at least 17 years old.
  • The student must have at least 50% in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology in high school.
  • The student must have completed matriculation and higher secondary school from a recognized board
  • Students are required to have significant and valid ID proof.
  • The minimum qualification for the unreserved category is 50% and for the reserved category, it is 40%.

Documents required for MBBS in University

  • Passport with a minimum validity of 18 months. 
  • Certificate of Birth.
  • Mark sheet and certificate for the 10th grade.
  • Certificate and mark sheet for the 12th grade.
  • Ten passport-sized photos.
  • Official invitation letter from Iran’s Medical University.
  • All the papers authorized by the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi.
  • All legalized documents from the Iran Embassy.
  • Student Visa.
  • The fees receipt provided by the bank for paying the 1st year tuition fee. 
  • HIV test results. 


It is difficult to settle in a new location and get admission to a new institution when you are moving away from your family, friends, and home. Experiencing Iranian life and culture is an exciting possibility that will leave you with numerous memories when you finish your studies. Studying at IUMS will allow you to witness and feel this life first-hand, resulting in one of the most enjoyable journeys of your life. And along with that, we are always here to help you with all of the necessary parts on your behalf. We believe in complete honesty and openness. We will notify you of all crucial data and assist you in obtaining simple and hassle-free admission to the Iran University of Medical Sciences & Health Service. Contact Dalmia Education counsellor if you need any guidance.

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There are simply minimum requirements for students to pass the NEET test. There are no further entrance exams for admission.

MBBS from overseas typically takes 6 years (5 years plus 1-year internship). In the last year of the internship, practical training is offered.

The Iran University of Medical Sciences & Health is located in Tehran, Iran.

 Yes, numerous Indian cafeterias and restaurants are available in the city and as well as on campus that serve traditional Indian food. 

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