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Welcome to Dalmia Education


We are a committed group of mentors and consultants in medical education who are dedicated to assisting Indian students who wish to pursue medical careers abroad.

Do not worry if you are still unsure of which nation or university to select or how soon you should apply for MBBS at overseas universities. As our knowledgeable crew walks you through each step, take a seat back and unwind. Our team takes care of everything to make your admission process stress-free for you, from outlining the benefits and drawbacks of studying MBBS overseas to selecting the best nation and institution for you. The entire admissions process is handled by a distinct admission aid section at our institution. 


Dalmia Education has been built on the existing  principles and values of Dalmia Group, making us an organisation worthy of your trust. 


We aim to produce world-class doctors with global employability. To see our students excel in their careers is our ultimate goal. 


Dalmia Education cares for your well-being. We ensure to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the holistic development of our students.


Our motto is to provide medical education that not only makes medical professionals, but responsible and successful doctors. 

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Student Onboarding

Get complete assistance from University selection to Visa and Travel.

NExT/FMGE Coaching

We provide FMGE/NExT coaching starting from the first year of your MBBS Degree so you can begin your medical practice in India with ease. 

Hostel & Meals

We assist the students to arrange for comfortable accommodation and Indian food during their stay abroad.


“We Care”- Helpdesk

Our dedicated help desks are always there to assist you during any time of difficulty.

Career Assistance

Get complete assistance to begin your career after the completion of your degree.


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Corporate Event Management

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Full-Service Production
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Event Management
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Food and Beverages
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Live Entertainment
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Destination Management
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Company Picnic
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Let's Make Your Education Journey Memorable!

Let Dalmia Education take care of all your worries starting from visa and onboarding to hostel and meals, so you can complete your MBBS abroad hassle-free