North Caucasian State Medical University

In Russia’s Arkhangelsk, the North Caucasus State Medical Academy was established in 1936. North Russian medical education is centred at this university. The WHO, NMC, FAIMER, and other organisations have granted authorization to this university. Over 5,500 students are enrolled in this university’s programmes at the moment. There are 55 departments at North Caucasian State Medical University, and 27 of those are clinical departments. Numerous students travel to North Caucasian University every year to enrol in its cheap MBBS degree.

The MBBS curriculum that is being provided to them is well-known in nations like the US, India, Canada, etc. This university has emerged as the top option for studying MBBS overseas at a reasonable fees. 

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North Caucasian State Medical University Facts

Year of Establishment1936
RecognitionNMC  and WHO
Course Duration5 Years + 1 Years Internship
Medium of Teaching English
Nearest Airport to Hormozgan University of Medical SciencesStavropol International Airport
CurrencyRussian Ruble
Cost of living (Without Rent)$600-$700

How is MBBS at North Caucasian State Medical University, Russia?

The Northern State Medical University, located in Arkhangelsk, was established in 1936. In Northern Russia, the University serves as the primary location for medical education. After graduating from NSMU, the students are qualified to take the MCI, USMLE, or PLAB tests in the US, the UK, or both.

Currently, North State Medical University is home to over 5500 students. The University is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including computers, film and video aids, and other contemporary devices. There are 55 departments at NSMU. Of these 55 divisions, 27 are clinically focused and are regarded as some of the city’s top clinics.

MBBS Ranking 2023

Country Rank 82
World Rank 3033

North Caucasian State Medical UniversityFee Structure 2023

ParticularsYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Tuition Fees$5,000$5,000$5,000$5,000$5,000$5,000
Hostel /mess Fees$1,700$1,700$1,700$1,700$1,700$1,700

Please note: 

  • $1 = ₹70 (This may vary as per the currency change)
  • The fee mentioned above is approximate and it might change as per the change in currency values.

MBBS Admission Process of North Caucasian State Medical University

All students who meet the eligibility criteria listed below can easily gain admission to Vitebsk State Medical University. The mentioned below is the application process for North Caucasian State Medical University. 


Complete the application form and gather all required documents. These required documents will then be mailed to the university, where they will be reviewed by the administrator before you receive your invitation or offer letter. Once you have received the invitation/offer letter, applying for a student visa begins at the embassy of the specific country. Furthermore, the documents and papers are submitted to the embassy, and the first-year tuition fee is deposited with the North Caucasian State Medical University.

Admission Process for the University- Step by Step

The MBBS admissions procedure at North Caucasian State Medical University is described below:

All applicants who fulfill the following qualifying requirements will have no trouble being accepted to North Caucasian State Medical University in Russia.

The entrance requirements for North Caucasian State Medical University in Russia are briefly mentioned here: 

Step 1: Fill out the application and gather all the necessary documentation. 

Step 2: After the university’s officials have reviewed the documents, they will send them back to you along with an invitation letter.

Step 3: Following receipt of the letter of invitation, you may start the Russian visa application procedure at the relevant embassy.

Step 4: The entrance fee is paid to Russia’s North Caucasian State Medical University and the necessary paperwork is presented to the embassy.

Benefits of MBBS in North Caucasian State Medical University

  • It offers a cost structure that is both appealing and affordable.
  • The clinics of North Caucasian State Medical University are often busy.
  • The faculty is extremely experienced and qualified, resulting in great education.
  • The North Caucasian State Medical University has connections with various countries, which may lead to greater educational and job opportunities.
  • The cost of medical education at this university is low.
  • Students may discover better job options after finishing their education.
  • The teaching language for MBBS is English.
  • No entrance exam, such as the IELTS or TOEFL, is required for admission to this university’s MBBS programme.

Other facilities that are provided by the University

The following are some of the remarkable facilities offered by the Vitebsk State Medical University:

  • Students at North Caucasian State Medical University have access to dorms with shared rooms.
  • The rooms have bunk beds that sleep two and three people each.
  • The room is fully furnished with mattresses, tables, chairs, a pillow, a blanket, and a bedsheet.
  • The mess is a place where Indian students may dine.
  • Students can cook their own meals in the communal kitchen that they have access to.
  • The city is home to various Indian restaurants.

MBBS Eligibility Criteria for North Caucasian State Medical University

The following requirements must be met by Indian candidates who want to enrol in Vitebsk State Medical University’s MBBS programme in Russia in order to receive fast admission.

Exam candidates should possess NEET credentials.

For scientific topics in the 12th grade, you need 50% of the grade.
Students from the reserved category must get 40% in their 10+2 exams.
English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics make up the majority of the 12th standard curriculum.

The minimum age requirement is 17, however applicants who turn 17 before the end of the admissions year are also welcome.

Documents Required for MBBS in the University

Maintain the documents’ accuracy and have the ministry of external affairs certify them.

    • Filled out an application
    • Photos the size of a passport
    • A Valid passport
    • scorecard from the 10th board test
    • Birth certificate
    • 12th-grade report card
    • Character reference verification 
    • Filled out NMC application

Other Courses Offered by the University

The courses offered by North Caucasian State Medical University are not only restricted to MBBS, but they also provide other medical courses as follows:

  • General Medicine Faculty
  • Dentistry Faculty
  • Faculty of Pharmacology
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Pediatric
  • Nursing Faculty
  • Surgery faculty


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Undoubtedly Yes, North Caucasian State Medical University is one of the most prominent universities to pursue the MBBS program in Russia. This university is one of the most renowned universities in the country. With this, it also has a stunning infrastructure with top-level facilities.

Yes. Along with WHO, an MBBS degree from North Caucasian State Medical University is recognized by UNESCO & NMC.  

No, you cannot enrol in North Caucasian State Medical University without qualifying for the NEET exam. Indian candidates must qualify for the NEET examination if they want to study abroad or at Vitebsk State Medical University.

Yes, Indian candidates and students from different countries get decent accommodations from the University,  they possess a great and massive infrastructure for them, a great hostel facility, good quality food, a canteen, etc.

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