MBBS in Armenia: An Overview

Study MBBS in Armenia

Armenia’s MBBS programme may be the best alternative for Indian students interested in medicine. Indian medical students receive every amenity imaginable at their institution. Numerous factors influence the decision of thousands of students to pursue medical studies in Armenia, including the low cost of the MBBS programme, the advantages of clinical experience, the high calibre of the medical education offered, the state-of-the-art infrastructure, and the well-stocked labs. A student does not have to take an entrance exam to be accepted into one of Armenia’s top medical universities. For universities in Armenia, the application procedure is very simple and easy to follow.

Affordable tuition is a big attraction for thousands of students to Armenia’s medical schools from around the globe. Students who want to pursue an MBBS abroad choose Armenia because of the amenities provided by the top government medical schools there.

The Dalmia Education Team helps students who are applying to the best universities in Armenia. The Dalmia Education Team supports students throughout the application process to make it as simple as possible for them and assure that they have no problems completing it. The team is accessible to students at every stage of the application process to address any concerns they might have.

Highlights of MBBS in Armenia

Name of the course  MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)
Duration of the course  5 + 1years 
Basic eligibility criteria for the course  Minimum 50% in 10+ 2 Examinations with Biology, Physics and Chemistry as Subjects
Medium of Teaching English
NEET requirement  Yes
IELTS & TOEFL requirement  No
Currency The Dram
Cost of living (Without Rent) $500-$600
Intakes  October

Advantages / Benefits of studying MBBS in Armenia

There are numerous benefits to pursuing MBBS in Armenia for Indian students. We’ve listed them here to help you comprehend them better.

  • There are no additional costs.
  • No gift is required.
  • Easy admissions procedures
  •  low-cost charge structure
  • Reasonable living costs
  • worldwide exposure and awareness 
  •  Favourable climatic conditions

Why Study MBBS in Armenia?

The following are the advantages of MBBS and MD degrees from Armenian medical schools:

  • Total Expense
    Individuals wishing to lower their medical costs should consider studying for an MBBS abroad in Armenia. In addition to lower tuition, the country enjoys relatively low living expenses.
  • Language education in English
    Armenian medical schools teaches the entire curriculum in English, thus MBBS applicants do not need to worry about learning a foreign language.
  • Technology-Enhanced Learning
    Armenia features some of the world’s most advanced medical schools. As a result, students can stay current and relevant in their studies.
  • Exceptional institutions
    Armenian medical schools are highly inventive in serving the needs of their students in terms of both learning and research.
  • Degrees of worldwide significance
    The WHO, ECFMG, WDOMS, FAIMER and the medical councils of important nations such as the US, UK, Australia, India, and Canada all recognise Armenia’s medical universities.
  • Armenian MBBS or medical universities provide well-equipped labs and lecture halls to aid students in their learning.
  • Armenian medical universities offer large campus grounds with academic and dormitory buildings.

Student life in Armenia

Armenian university life is fascinating because, in addition to studying, it also includes having fun, meeting friends, participating in some worthwhile programmes, and attending conferences and seminars for students from various universities.

You will have the chance to explore this lovely nation in addition to university life. The country is a destination of choice for nature lovers because the majority of the activities are outdoor-based. The majority of the pupils here are drawn in by the latter statement!

Armenian culture is mostly based on food. Armenians enjoy fine food. I believe that BBQ and Armenian Dolma are well known. On-campus dining options include many different national dishes, not just vegetarian options. You can also find some unique and traditional dishes.

Student Unions and Councils are self-governing, representative bodies that work in universities with the mission of defending students’ rights and presenting issues to higher-ups. The Student Councils’ goals are to engage students in scientific and research endeavours, inspire them to pursue a career in science, and advance the universities’ future scientific potential.

These councils address student concerns that have an impact on their daily lives and open the door for improvement throughout many areas of their educational programme.

MBBS curriculum in Armenia

The best medical schools in Armenia adhere to a curriculum that is comparable to the MBBS programme in India. Thus, it is simpler for Indian students to choose to pursue their further education in Armenia through the MBBS programme. Although the university operates in the same way, the teaching style differs. All students at ARIU (Armenian-Russian International University)  receive a top-notch education and a wonderful academic experience.

Armenian MBBS courses are taught in English. To communicate and engage with locals more easily, it is essential that students learn the native language.

The highlights of the curriculum are: 

  • The full MBBS programme is completed in Armenia in five to six years. Both American and European standards are met by this.
  • During the first three years of medical school, students are taught the theoretical side of medicine.
  • The basics of human biology, as well as microbiology, genetics, physiology, biochemistry, and general pathology, are covered in the first three years of school.
  • Each year is divided into two semesters.
  • The last three years are the crucial ones when, in addition to studying emergency medicine, neurology, paediatrics, psychiatry, primary care medicine, and other specialities, students are required to complete an internship.

MBBS in Armenia V/s MBBS in India

Bases of differenceMBBS in ArmeniaMBBS in India
CostGeorgia medical school is less expensive than those in other nations including India.In India, attending medical school is expensive.
DonationThere is no compulsion to donate.For admittance to several medical schools in India, donations are necessary.
Entrance ExamNo entrance exam is necessary.There is an exam for admission.
RecognitionNMC and WHO (Globally Recognized Degree), which gives students the opportunity to interact with students around the world.MBBS doesn’t necessarily give you worldwide exposure and connections.

Eligibility criteria for MBBS in Armenia

Armenia has continuously placed high on student preference lists for MBBS programmes. This is what you need to qualify for the eligibility criteria:

  • Students must be between the ages of 17 and 25 at the time of acceptance.
  • The student must have completed 10+2.
  • The student must obtain at least 55% in Plus 2.
  • The student must have a minimum of 50% in English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology at the intermediate level.
  • Candidates from the SC/ST/OBC groups must score 40% – 45% in the aforementioned disciplines.
  • NEET exam qualification is required for MBBS admission in Armenia beginning in 2022.
  • There is no need for any type of entrance exam or language test.
  • As a result, candidates who wish to pursue MBBS in Armenia must meet all of the eligibility conditions listed above. 

Document Required for MBBS in Armenia

The following documentation is required to study MBBS in Armenia:

  • To study in Armenia, you must submit an application form as well as a CV.
  • Candidates must bring verified copies of their mark sheets and graduation certificates.
  • All academic documents must be notarized and attested. 
  • Admission to an Armenian university requires twelve passport-sized pictures.
  • Passport photocopies must be notarized and attested.
  • Students must bring their medical certificate as well as the HIV report.
  • Medical students must present all of these documents while applying for admission to Armenian universities for MBBS.

Best Medical colleges in Georgia for intake 2022-2023


Establishment Year

Starting fee*

Country Ranking

Yerevan Haybusak University




St. Tereza Medical University




Yerevan State Medical University




Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University




Armenian Medical Institute




How to get Admission for MBBS in Armenia

Armenian medical school admissions are straightforward and simple to complete. The entire operation is uncomplicated and easy to carry out. During the admission process, medical students might seek the advice of specialist experts. It assists candidates in avoiding any type of problem during that time.

Step 1: Select a university of the student’s choice.

Step 2: Complete the online application form with the relevant documentation.

Step 3: Pay paperwork fees and confirm admission fees are paid.

Step 4: You will then receive an invitation letter from your selected university within four working days of submitting your application.

Step 5: It is required for you to apply for a student visa. The time it takes to receive your visa will be determined by the Embassy’s business days and procedures.

After you have completed all of the preceding procedures, it is time to follow your goal and travel to Armenia. 


There is an extremely challenging admissions procedure to go through and a tonne of documentation that needs to be done, whether you decide to study MBBS in Armenia or another country. The best method to ensure a smooth admissions process and increase your chances of getting into Armenia’s finest universities is to have help, like that offered by Dalmia Education Consultants.


The MBBS program in Armenia is created to offer the greatest instruction and training at a reasonable cost. They offer top-notch facilities with cutting-edge machinery and infrastructure. Financial aid is fairly easy to obtain and requires no entrance exam.

Any Indian applicant who wishes to continue medical education abroad must appear and pass the NEET entrance exam, according to a statement from the Indian Ministry of Health. It became obligatory after May 2018.


For Indian students, the MBBS program in Armenia lasts six years. International students who want to study MBBS in Armenia with English as the primary language of instruction are not obliged to take a one-year preparatory program before beginning the MBBS program.

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